csi entwicklungstechnik

initiator & project leader


• Product: idea, styling, surfacing, concept, simulation, design engineering, project management/project control

• Manufacturing process: tool design



As an engineering partner csi entwicklungstechnik provides innovative engineering solutions tailored to individual requirements for the automotive world. In particular csi is highly specialized in the development of Class-A surfaces, lightweight and safe body structures in multi-material design, vehicle safety-matched exterior components and high-quality interior modules. The core -competences of csi are complemented with new technology fields such as Additive Manufacturing, simulation, Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR), electronics, sensors and battery systems. In addition, csi is often the initiator of innovative projects.


Applied creativity techniques and cross-interface approaches, combined with a wealth of experience in functional integration, production processes and technological possibilities, ensures that forward-looking solutions are generated in every project.



• Manufacturing and engineering support of the xFK in 3D winding tools

• Engineering and manufacturing foam padding and tools

• Engineering expertise overall seat

• Mechanical total assembly

• Expertise seat trim

• Production of fiber fleece mats

Alba tooling & engineering GmbH is an international group of companies with over 400 employees worldwide. The company headquarters are located in Forstau, Austria. Alba is one of the leading specialists for the development and production of innovative manufacturing systems in the field of high-quality plastic components. Alba develops and manufactures highly complex tools, machines and systems at 9 locations and offers individualized service as a reliable system partner.


For more than 25 years, Alba has been delivering demand-driven, flexible solutions that are realized as tools or as complete turnkey systems. Alba is still a wholly owned family business owned by the Naue family. A mix of highly qualified engineers and highly trained skilled workers contributes significantly to the continuous development and success of the international company. This makes Alba a global and reliable business partner.



• Ideas, project analysis

• xFK in 3D supply chain / value chain

• Advice on winding and tool concept

• Consulting strategic lightweight construction

• Multiplication / Marketing / Sales

AUTOMOTIVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING (AMC) is a highly qualified technology, consulting and training house for the automotive industry and related industries based in Penzberg, Germany. The company was founded in 2001 by the lightweight expert Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Kurek. The core competence of AMC is the development, commercialization, technology and industrialization of lightweight innovations. The targeted combination of well-founded specialist and industry expertise with proven management know-how, which is based on the St. Gallen Management Model, is still unique today.


AMC supports major manufacturers in the automotive, aviation and rail sectors, development service providers and suppliers in the design, development and implementation of unique, innovative and individual lightweight construction solutions in the areas of fiber composite, hybrid technology, metallic lightweight construction solutions and is regarded as a specialist for innovative and highly qualified solutions in integrative and multi-material lightweight construction.




• Ultraleight weight backpanel with foam core

• Provision of the backpanel



• Metal 3D-printing (selective laser melting): Winding connector for carbon fiber filament winding tools

• Plastic 3D printing (selective laser sintering): Seat trim components



• Provision of a binder for fibre fleece mat and for new moulded parts (Dispercoll®)

• Provision of the worldwide first 3D printed backrest cushion

• Sponsoring of a marketing video



• Incubator and multiplier since day 1 (e.g. Composites Europe)